About Us


Courtroom Animation is a Los Angeles based animation and legal graphics studio that creates scientifically-accurate and highly realistic 3D forensic animations. Our visual exhibits have been used in thousands of cases and have helped our clients achieve favorable legal outcomes in mediations, arbitrations, and various trial settings.

We were founded on the idea that seeing is believing.

The best way to tell a story is to show it.

We founded Courtroom Animation to solve a significant problem in the legal industry: The difficulty in conveying legal arguments through the use of text, verbal testimony, and other non-visual methods.  We saw attorneys pour months of hard work into cases, only to have jurors not understand the key points of their argument. We saw expert witnesses take the stand for hours, delivering thorough and complex material that jurors struggled to grasp. Seeing these challenges led us to establish an innovative studio that creates world class animations to better communicate legal arguments to various stakeholders in the litigation process, leading to more successful outcomes for our clients.

Board of Directors

Dustin Cumming

Bruce Schindler

Management Team

Brady Held – CEO

Brady has spent the past 12 years creating legal animations, first with forensic-engineering firm, Collision and Injury Dynamics, prior to founding Courtroom Animation. He has worked on hundreds of legal animations for many of the top-rated attorneys and experts in the country, and has testified in both civil and criminal trials. When he’s not in trial or meeting with clients you can find Brady rock-climbing around the world with his wife and young daughter.

Brady Held - CEO, Courtroom Animation

Tony Ausick – Senior Vice President of Sales

As SVP of Sales and Development, Tony loves collaborating with clients in creating visual solutions for their cases. Tony enjoys being a people person, and connecting with anyone and everyone. With an expansive resume in the events, marketing, and sales, Tony is a fantastic addition to the Courtroom Animation team. Establishing long term relationships, delivering the highest levels of customer service and being available around the clock are of utmost importance to Tony. He loves working in all aspects of a project and takes pride in making a difference in the outcome of a case. In his free time, you can find Tony playing golf at the world’s premier courses.

Devin Montoya – Director of Operations

Finding joy in the pursuit more than the realization, Devin strives to implement organizational improvements that foster a sense of engagement. After working alongside a variety of industry leaders in the world of real estate investment, Devin uses his unique breadth of knowledge to advance the company’s core business functions. With Courtroom Animation, Devin oversees the development of workflow improvements and strategy implementations rendered by all business units. Outside of sustaining the smooth operation of the CA team, you can find him travelling the world pursuing new experiences with his friends and family.

Devin Montoya - Director of Operations, Courtroom Animation

Why Use Legal Animations?

Simply put, the human brain processes and comprehends visual information much better than non-visual methods. Why?:

  • 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual
  • Visual information can be processed up to 60,000 times faster than text
  • Humans remember up to 80% of what they see, 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read.
  • 3 days after being presented with a piece of information, humans only remember 10% of it.  However, when that information is combined with a visual, humans remember 65%.

With these statistics in mind, incorporating visual exhibits into your litigation process has a powerful impact on the outcome of your case.  Visuals give your jury or mediator the ability to comprehend complicated materials and technical information of your case. They enable your audience to better remember key elements and data points of legal arguments that take hours to present. 

The bottom line – visuals are an invaluable asset for lawyers to win cases and to achieve favorable legal outcomes.

Our Forensic Animation Services

Whether its 3D trial animations, interactive exhibits, medical illustrations or forensic animations, Courtroom Animation’s innovative suite of visual offerings are a powerful tool in creating impactful, case winning legal arguments.  

Our state-of-the-art animation services help turn your case into a visual narrative.

We regularly work hand-in-hand with expert witnesses of all types to build a strong foundation for our animations to stand on. Whether it’s a surgeon, bio-mechanic, accident reconstructionist, or any other scientific consultant, we have the in-depth experience turning their complex data into realistic 3D animations that any juror can understand.

Our services include:

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When you choose Courtroom Animation you are guaranteed to receive  animations that are aesthetically appealing to both judges, jurors, and opposing counsels – allowing them to adequately comprehend your key arguments throughout your case.

Our stunning visuals have been credited with over $750 million dollars in favorable settlements and verdicts. With a 99% admission rate in court, and a 95% success rate for cases we’ve worked on, you can rest assured that our medical animation studio can deliver cutting-edge illustrations and exhibits to better describe what really happened in your case.

Whether it’s personal injury, medical malpractice, patent infringement, premises or product liability, or any other area of the law – we have the portfolio and experience to create the visual animations that will help you win your case! For more information on what we do, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but an animation is worth a million!