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3D animation is the most powerful tool an attorney can use in showing how an event took place. Viewers easily understand the narrative and key points of a case. We can transform complex issues and confusing expert data into realistic, edge-of-your-seat videos.

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Illustrations are a powerful and budget friendly way to communicate a unique or complicated idea to a jury. Whether it is showing the steps of a medical surgery, the inner workings of a machine, or complex expert witness data, illustrations significantly help to emphasize, dramatize and clarify evidence.

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What if you could go make in time and move a surveillance camera to capture your event from the most ideal perspective? Our deep scientific analysis tools allow us to re-create cameras, reveal complex pedestrian motion, decipher vehicle speeds, understand line of sight and time-distance issues, and more.

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Free eBook: The Complete Introduction to Forensic Animation

Whether you are considering animation for one of your cases, or you simply want to be prepared for when the other party uses an animation, our eBook is your guide to understanding forensic animation.

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Courtroom Animation worked with our firm every step of the way to make sure we got what we needed and on time. When it came to crunch time, they stuck the landing. Working with a straightforward and reliable company like Courtroom Animation is always a pleasure. They are sure to have my business in the future.
Daryoosh Khashayar Esq.

Khashayar Law Group

Courtroom Animation’s video analysis and animation expertise were essential to reach the $100K verdict for my client. They collaborated with me every step of the way, and I will definitely return for future cases.
Todd Thibodo

Law Offices of Todd D. Thibodo

It helped bring the surgery ‘to life’ and how significant it is for a patient to make the decision to undergo a spine surgery. It also helped the jury understand the different components of the spine much easier than just trying to use words to describe it. The [surgery] animation was instrumental in getting the verdict we obtained.
Jon Teller

Wilshire Law Firm

Working with very limited data we reached out to Courtroom Animation to help us in achieving our visualization goals for an aviation accident that occurred in Florida. Leveraging surveillance footage from a single camera near the airport we were able to recreate the entire incident. The most powerful perspective we used in the trial was that of my client - a pilot's point of view showing the evasive maneuver to avoid an oncoming aircraft. I'm proud of the successful verdict we reached for my client and the team at Courtroom Animation in providing their indispensable expertise to this difficult case.
Michael Siboni

Siboni & Buchannon, PLLC

Courtroom Animation was instrumental in our ability to show the experimental nature of the procedure. Their ability to create the rendering of the animation helped the mediator understand our case and enabled our expert to walk the mediator through the procedure step by step to show the deviations from the standard of care.
Michael Grieco

Romanucci & Blandin Law Firm


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