Our Legal Illustration Services

Legal illustrations such as medical illustrations or visualizations of complex objects, can significantly help to emphasize, dramatize and clarify evidence. They are an incredibly budget friendly exhibit that can be used on any case and assist in grounding your expert’s opinions and data. They can be the difference between an effective argument and one that is simply lost in translation. Apart from the verbal presentation that is made during a trial, it’s just as important that the medium used to present the visual evidence is also well thought out, accurate and aesthetically pleasing. At Courtroom Animation we’re here to help you learn more about the options that are available to you and to enhance your presentations with persuasive exhibits that will support the facts of your case and help deliver a persuasive argument at trial. 

Trial illustrations are very successful in medical cases, because educating a jury about complex anatomical, surgical or pharmaceutical concepts and terms can be a very challenging aspect of a case. Trial exhibits of medical illustrations and animations are a great way to educate a jury that may have a difficult time understanding a complex concept. Courtroom illustrations can lay out complex medical procedures in a format that is easy to understand, explain an injury in depth, or simply illustrate general anatomy. Medical illustrations can prove to be a crucial element for your case and presenting these exhibits during a trial will give you the ability to accurately translate medical information in a way that is easy to comprehend. 

Illustrations of medical procedures or issues are incredibly useful in court as they are less invasive than video but are able to showcase hidden processes and retain juror attention. They can also be used as a guidepost for your expert witness’ testimony. A well-done medical illustration can highlight the severity of an injury or explain the intricacies of a surgical procedure so that an audience that is not familiar with medical terminology can understand the concept. Our illustrators can create a custom illustration directly from depositions, reports, diagnostic films or expert opinions, and they have the ability to accurately illustrate the steps of any medical process. Additionally, we can turn a basic black and white diagnostic film, such as an x-ray, into a clear and colorized illustration ready for trial or mediation. Any evidence from an MRI that shows damage in the soft tissue to a 3D x-ray highlighting hardware from a recent surgery can be brought to life in a simple manner that makes it interesting, easy to understand and supports your argument. 

If you have an upcoming trial, mediation, or presentation where you need to highlight an injury that your client has sustained, showing the damage in detail is very important to your argument. Medical illustrations are often used for the following situations:

  • In personal injury scenarios when you need to explain pain and suffering, or other deficits.
  • When arguing for medical negligence and you need to show that the standard of care was violated, or a surgical mistake was made.
  • During criminal defense or prosecution when you need to demonstrate the cause of injury or death.

Illustrations can also be very beneficial when visualizing a step-by-step sequence of events. These types of graphics can effectively highlight each step in a process, or event, and provide an opportunity for further analysis. Our illustrations are created one by one so they can be revealed one at a time as a narrative that is being recreated and explained to a jury. 

An illustration at trial has the potential to be the most powerful piece of evidence that can transport the jury to a specific point in time when something happened. When done properly, courtroom animation or illustrations can explain in just a few moments what no amount of expert testimony can get across. Illustrations can show the physical effects of trauma on the bones, muscles and body in a way that no medical doctor that is testifying without visual assistance can explain. These types of trial graphics have the power to emphasize a tragic situation, or to show how a specific decision impacted the end result of a situation. 

If you’d like to learn more about courtroom illustrations, animation or other trial graphics please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We will walk you through the various services that we provide, explain our process to you, present you with case studies, testimonials and results from our work and create a custom recommendation based on your unique case and needs. Take the time to explore our website to learn more about us and the work that we do, and also follow us along on social media and our blog for more information and insights into the world of Courtroom Animation.