3D Laser Scanning

Did you know that as a society, most of us are primarily visual learners?

That means that we comprehend information up to 80% better when it is presented with a visual aid as opposed to only listening to a lecture or verbal testimony.

At Courtroom Animation we take this statistic to heart and we work hard to provide some of the most advanced animation services to legal teams and to turn an argument into a visual narrative. Taking physical evidence and witness testimony and transforming it into an accurate representation, or recreation, of a crime scene or accident takes a lot of work.

We work closely with experts and witnesses to ensure that our animations are not only compelling but also accurate. We can create line of sight studies, time distance diagrams, technical graphics, medical and forensic illustrations and so much more.

In order to create accurate courtroom animations, we utilize the latest graphics technology as well as 3D laser scanning to assure that our content is scientifically correct and consistent by recreating scenes and collisions with 100% accuracy. 

How Does 3D Laser Scanning Apply to a Legal Animation?

3D laser scanning is a very advanced technology that digitally captures the shape of a physical object using a line of laser light. This allows us to capture a physical objects exact size and shape and transfer it into a computer as a digital three-dimensional representation.

3D laser scanners can measure fine details and capture shapes, and they are ideal in situations where we would not be able to use traditional measurement methods to capture a complex surface.

Using a 3D laser scanner can also be used to create a three-dimensional model of a specific object, but it can also be useful when reconstructing, analyzing or simulating an idea or situation. 

A 3D laser scanner is a little bit like a camera, it can only capture what is directly in its field of view. Once the scanner begins to work it projects a laser line onto an object and then a sensor will measure the distance to the surface of the object. Once the data is processed it can be converted into a digital image and then a CAD model.

Utilizing 3D laser scanning with our animation services allows our work to be extremely accurate, and it allows you to present a judge and jury with a real-world view of a crime scene or accident without physically having to visit the site. 

Do Laser Scans Really Make a Difference?

The use of digital technology is making a significant impact on our world, and it ultimately adds value to our work. When we create animations or graphics for trial it is essential that the work is admissible to trial.

Whether it is a recreation of an automobile collision or highlighting a detailed part of a machine, using a 3D laser scanner allows our work to be scientifically accurate and admissible.

Utilizing this graphics technology also makes our work extremely realistic, which is essential when trying to prove a point or delivering an argument that can make or break a case. 

Creating a three-dimensional environment is time consuming and one of the most expensive parts about animation.

We offer various solutions to our clients including placing a computer-generated 3D model within a traditional photograph of a scene.

For example, we can completely recreate a geographic location as a 3D environment and then animate any objects or people into it – this is the most expensive option.

We can also use a real-world photograph of a location and animate objects or people into this scene – this is a more cost-effective solution that is still high quality, scientifically accurate and aesthetically pleasing. 

The technology that we use for our work is top of the line and our graphics specialists are very talented and experienced in creating incredible trial graphics and animations for your needs.

We offer a wide range of services including 3D trial animations, interactive exhibits, medical and forensic illustrations, witness consulting, competitive audits and so much more.

Ready to Utilize Our 3D Laser Scanning Services?

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We stand behind our work and are proud to boast a 99% admittance rate as well as over $1 billion in favorable verdicts and settlements for our clients.

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