Visualize your client’s accident from an infinite number of perspectives, demonstrating liability through a scientifically accurate and visually engaging recreation. From pre-trial to verdict, an accident recreation animation from Courtroom Animation will inform and engage the litigants, mediator, jurors and other stakeholders in your case.

We pride ourselves on the admissibility of our legal animations and are dedicated to your success. An accident reconstruction is not a fabrication but a comprehensive data visualization. Our accident reconstructionist experts work with a variety of inputs including laser scan data, satellite imagery, surveillance footage, onsite photography, traffic collision reports and expert simulation data to solidify the foundation of your exhibit. Whether you need a car accident recreation or another animation, you can count on our team’s experience.

Our office loves working with Brady and his team at Courtroom Animation. They create the best animations. The animation in this matter was key in obtaining a $6 Million Dollar Settlement. The turnaround time, cost, and quality of the product delivered in this matter was outstanding.
Victor Alexandroff

Alexandroff Law Group



Our team is experienced in a variety of accident reconstructions including cyclist collisions, trucking collisions, forklift accidents, motorcycle accidents, multi-vehicle accidents, fender bender lumbar injuries, school bus accidents, drunk driving accidents, boating accidents and many more.


Comprehensive solutions for an infinite number of reconstruction variables including nighttime visibility, improper signage, poor weather conditions, lane departure, visual obstructions and more.

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Results from Our Accident Reconstruction Animations


Confidential Settlement: Auto Accident Reconstruction & Summary of Injuries

Personal Injury

Successful Settlement: Demonstrative Evidence of Cyclist Accident

Motor Vehicle Collisions

$1M Settlement: Accident Reconstruction Animation a “Game-changer”

Motor Vehicle Collisions

Successful Defense Settlement: Sandstorm Car Crash Animation

Motor Vehicle Collisions

Nearly 7-Figure Settlement: Legal Graphic Services Aided Plaintiff

Motor Vehicle Collisions

$2.2 Million Verdict: Faulty vehicle service injures plaintiff

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