Confidential Settlement: Auto Accident Reconstruction & Summary of Injuries

Auto Accident Reconstruction From Courtroom Animation


There are approximately 1.7 million rear-end collisions in the United States each year and personal injury attorneys know very well that from those incidents come thousands of mediation discussions. In our case study below, we focus on a collision that occurred on Texas Interstate 45. A Chevy truck was rear-ended by a semi-truck and subsequently plowed into the back of a delivery van.

There was no debate over whether the semi-truck driver collided with the vehicle ahead of it. The settlement discussions focused on how much damage and injury was inflicted on the other driver. The defense counsel, representing the semi-truck transportation company, stuck to their guns during mediation and downplayed the injuries sustained and damages owed. 

Our client, Myles Lens at Shamieh Law, retained the Courtroom Animation team to create an accident reconstruction as well as a combined cervical and lumbar disc herniation animation. After presenting the demonstrative exhibits during discussions, the defense counsel was forced to reevaluate their case’s strength. Ultimately, the case settled with a highly favorable, but confidential, settlement for the plaintiff. We are very proud of Myles and his team!

“I was impressed with Courtroom Animation’s demo reels, so I switched to their team for my visual needs. They knocked it out of the park! Highlighting the lumbar and cervical injuries due to the impact of the accident left no doubt the defense would want to avoid trial. A quick and favorable win for my deserving client. I will certainly be returning for future cases!”

Myles Lenz, Attorney at Shamieh Law


While there was no argument that the defendant had rear-ended the plaintiff’s vehicle, Myles and his team needed to provide more context regarding the severity of the injuries sustained.

The defense counsel’s argument focused on how the damages and injuries sustained were not as severe as the plaintiff had claimed. How could the plaintiff counsel demonstrate that the injuries were formidable, while also avoiding going to trial?

Solution: Auto Accident Reconstruction & Mechanism of Injury Animations

Auto Accident Reconstruction & cervical and lumbar disc herniation

To counteract the defense’s positioning, the plaintiff counsel created a visual litigation strategy with the help of Courtroom Animation.

As the first step to strengthening their core argument, the plaintiff counsel acquired the dashcam footage from the defendant’s truck. Our team leveraged the grainy video to create an accurate auto accident reconstruction. We also utilized a ‘gray scale’ environment to be mindful of the plaintiff attorney’s budget and capture the most critical components of the case

From there, we took the medical records that were provided for the sustained injuries, and we illustrated the data in a mechanism of injury animation. Since the accident recreation and summary of injury visuals were not intended for trial, there was no expert needed. However, Myles Lenz had a crash reconstruction expert and medical experts ready to testify as to what was being shown in the video for the jury’s benefit.

These visuals provided the necessary context for the mediator and all relevant legal parties. They reinforced the plaintiff counsel’s position, effectively establishing that the defendant’s negligence resulted in severe injuries and sustained damages.

Results: Favorable Settlement for the Plaintiff

Overall, the auto accident reconstruction and summary of injury videos explained the extent of injuries caused and the damages owed by the defendant. Knowing their chances of a successful jury trial would be lowered due to the opposing counsel having compelling legal animations that could evoke sympathy, the defense agreed on a settlement.

Auto Accident Reconstruction Still

With their compelling visual strategy and iron-clad case, the plaintiff counsel was successful in negotiating a highly favorable settlement for their client.

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