Product liability often involves a complex set of issues with cases spanning across more than just tangible property. Natural resources, marketing instructions, real estate, and even intangibles now fall under the umbrella of product liability claims.

One of the biggest challenges is ensuring the jury understands the type of defect, the steps involved in the creation of a product, and the malfunctions, externalities or damages as a result of an issue. Courtroom Animation’s product liability animations and visual solutions will simplify the complex elements of your case, amplify your core arguments and maximize the value of your verdict or settlement.

Courtroom Animation truly makes the case come to life for the jury. I’ve never had admissibility problems at trial with their work.  The quality of the work, and the timeliness of it getting done, all within a reasonable price is why we keep coming back to Courtroom Animation. Their commitment to helping us with expert and trial rigid deadlines, while putting together a beautiful product is rare to find.
Jon Teller

Wilshire Law Firm



Demonstrate the causality of a product failure, deconstruct a complex system or process, or evaluate various mechanisms that contributed to a negligent act using product animations. Whether showcasing a design flaw that lead to your client’s injuries or demonstrating unreasonable or negligent behavior our visual tools will strengthen your case.


Visualize product schematics, blueprints, patent drawings, and photos using illustrations designed to accurately and effectively communicate key components, evaluate design or manufacturing defects, and amplify causal effects.


Product failure often occurs over an extended period of time. Pinpointing and demonstrating the negligent acts that caused an accident can be challenging. Whether proving the existence of a defect or justifying a particular design element our team will clarify the major themes of your case.

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Product Liability

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