At Courtroom Animation, our scientifically-accurate visual solutions have raised the bar for legal animation studios across the world! With highly-detailed 3D trial animations, interactive exhibits, medical illustrations, and forensic animations, our team strives to provide the most comprehensive visual aids to ensure that your jury will absorb the information you present to them with ease!

Our professional animators know that seeing is believing, which is why our expert testimonials will prove to you why we are the premier medical animation studio in the country! Below, you will find thorough testimonies from some of the best law firms we’ve worked with, providing you with the insight you need to see just how effective state-of-the-art courtroom animations can be for your trial.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

The animation was a key element in our case. It provided compelling and persuasive evidence that helped us secure a 7-figure settlement for our client. The level of detail and immersion it offered was unparalleled, and it undoubtedly played a key role in our success.

Steve Vartazarian

The Vartazarian Law Firm

It’s very rare that a criminal defense attorney gets a cold not guilty on a murder case, especially a special circumstance murder case. The animation was a huge part of that result. Everything [about the visual] was up to par, and any changes that I needed got done. Courtroom Animation met every deadline and more.

Patrick Carey

The Law Offices of J. Patrick Carey

I was impressed with Courtroom Animation’s demo reels, so I switched to their team for my visual needs. They knocked it out of the park! Highlighting the lumbar and cervical injuries due to the impact of the accident left no doubt the defense would want to avoid trial. A quick and favorable win for my deserving client. I will certainly be returning for future cases!

Myles Lenz

Shamieh Law

Seeing how the police car collided with my client in the intersection definitely helped the jury determine their $8 million verdict. Courtroom Animation’s team took grainy surveillance camera footage and created animations that were completely admissible, all inside a very tight deadline!

James Montgomery Sr.

James Montgomery Law

Even with a tight deadline, Courtroom Animation provided an accurate trial animation. It was perfect for helping the jury understand and remember exactly what went wrong with the press. I would definitely work with this team again.

Erika Bright

Wick Phillips

The animations were a great visual aid during mediation to show the actions taken by the cyclist. It was vital for settling favorably and avoiding trial.

Tom Soule

Patton & Ryan LLC

Courtroom Animation was easy to work with on our expedited schedule. They made sure I was happy with the product and tweaked it till it was just right. The animation was used in our closing argument. It gave the jury a lasting visual. The 2D illustration of the differences in surgery was really well received by the jury during medical testimony.

Robert J. Hommel

The Law Office of Robert J. Hommel

The Courtroom Animation team was a pleasure to work with. They were incredibly diligent and accurate with the work throughout this case. The visuals produced by them were of high quality and instrumental in helping my client.

Brendan Matthews

Cermele & Matthews

The litigation animation sold the case to the defense lawyers, claims adjusters, and the judge. They believed the fall happened exactly as it was shown.

Matthew Haicken

Haicken Law Firm

The forensic animations were a game-changer that helped us receive a $1 million dollar settlement. Courtroom Animation’s team also worked within our tight deadline to deliver them within a two-week period!

Bradley Wallace

The Wallace Law Firm

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