Environmental issues are often riddled with complex details that take place over years, decades, or even centuries. Our team of forensic animators will simplify the mechanisms, scientific processes, and operational decisions that impacted an environmental event. Courtroom Animation has worked on behalf of the largest agencies in the United States in cases involving toxic contamination, geospatial visualization, mining disasters, offshore oil accidents and many more. 

Courtroom Animation has done a phenomenal job producing accurate, high-quality computer animation for our projects under rapid-response conditions. They have catered to our needs while seemingly never breaking a sweat. I would highly recommend their services for anyone in the market for technical computer animations.
Eric Deyerl

Dial Engineering



Our visual solutions will help you evaluate the progression of changes in an environment, chart the mitigative efforts or critical errors made by decision makers, and clarify the actions that ultimately produced an environmental issue.


Comprehensive solutions for an infinite number of environmental cases including groundwater contamination, unregulated emissions, workplace exposure, farmland pollution, soundscape, chemical mechanisms, transportation and migration, environmental destruction, land use and more.

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Whether you are considering animation for one of your cases, or you simply want to be prepared for when the other party uses an animation, our eBook is your guide to understanding forensic animation.

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