1. Reduce Liability

Legal animations have become a key component of a cost-effective case management strategy for many defense firms. Working on behalf of insurance companies, corporations, municipalities, and other organizations, defense attorney’s utilize legal animations to mitigate damages, achieve favorable settlements, and reduce the financial liability of their clients in civil and criminal trials. 

2. Match the Opposition

Animations and other graphics are generally thought of as an effective tool for plaintiffs only, but today’s defense counsels need to be able to match the presentation quality of their opposition. Animations and other visual litigation solutions are a crucial tool to help mitigate financial risk and provide tenable standing for defense firms across the country. 

3. Pre-trial Success

Visualizations used early in the litigation process make for an effective and intimidating strategy against frivolous claims. A data driven animation can throw off a plaintiff before trial and help defense counsels reach a favorable settlement earlier in the lifecycle of a lawsuit.

The animation was highly effective. The jury was rapt every time we played it in court and they asked to watch it again while deliberating. After the verdict came down, many of the jurors told us that they really liked the video. It brought our case home!
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Allow your audience to witness an incident from an infinite number of perspectives all while validating or invalidating witness accounts and creating sympathy within the juror for your client’s actions. What may have been recorded from a single vantage point or not recorded at all can be recreated using a wide range of data points including witness testimony. 


Visual solutions for insurance defense including business and commercial litigation, construction litigation, liability and insurance litigation defense, professional medical malpractice defense, defense of personal injury liability, defense of professional malpractice liability, commercial general liability, directors and officers insurance, property and casualty litigation. 


Cut through the noise and defy the recurrent narratives surrounding officer involved shootings with an animation from the nation’s leading forensic experts. With experience working on the most high profile cases involving police conduct and fatal shootings you can be sure that our meticulous data driven approach will expose reliable and verifiable insights into the facts surrounding your case.


Attorneys, and the corporations they represent, face an uphill task in educating jurors of the complex but critical points in product cases. The use of 3D animation, 3D illustrations and computer graphics can be used in patent infringement cases, intellectual property claims and product liability claims to resolve this issue. Using these skills, Courtroom Animation can synthesize what is important in a very complex case into a powerful, visual story that is easy to understand.


Thousands of injuries and other high liability incidents are captured on surveillance cameras every year, however, cursory or novice viewing of surveillance video does not give a complete or accurate understanding of events or fact patterns. Make expeditious and informed decisions on how to minimize liability and cost with Courtroom Animation’s suite of video analysis services.


Reduce your client’s liability and damages by educating the jury on the full extent of plaintiff’s pre-existing medical conditions (PEMC.) Highlight how the victim’s injury did not aggravate their pre-existing medical condition (PEMC), or that the injury to the PEMC would have inevitably occurred. Thwart plaintiffs who attempt to hide or conceal such conditions at the time of the new injury. Protect your client against attempts to recover damages for simply having a PEMC at the time of the accident giving rise to their claim. Fight against common PEMCs including degenerative spine conditions, orthopedic injuries, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and obesity, and highlight the areas of the body affected by the PEMC versus the areas affected by any new injuries.

Free eBook: The Complete Introduction to Forensic Animation

Whether you are considering animation for one of your cases, or you simply want to be prepared for when the other party uses an animation, our eBook is your guide to understanding forensic animation.

Motor Vehicle Collisions

Successful Defense Settlement: Sandstorm Car Crash Animation

Aviation Accidents

Successful Verdict: Aviation Animation Reconstruction

Motor Vehicle Collisions

Defense Verdict: Child cyclist rides into bus path

Motor Vehicle Collisions

Defense Verdict: Motorcycle turns into path of box truck

Motor Vehicle Collisions

Defense Verdict: Two killed in broadside collision with police cruiser

Personal Injury

Defense Verdict: Deleon V City of Norwalk

Free Pricing Guide: How Much Does a Legal Animation Cost?

Learn all of the factors that determine the price of a legal animation, including the approximate costs for a range of legal exhibits.

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