Defense Verdict: Two killed in broadside collision with police cruiser


S. Frank Harrell, Shannon L. Gustafson, Jesse K. Cox

Lynberg & Watkins

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Plaintiffs sued the City of Fontana for negligence after clients were killed when the vehicle in which they were travelling was hit by defendant’s patrol car while he was responding to a call for additional police units at a location in gang territory.

It was imperative that the jury was able to view a highly realistic depiction of the series of events, mainly the fully lit police cruiser entering the intersection. To accomplish this the animation uses the unique approach of compositing a 3D model over actual video footage. This allowed us to film a “drive-through” using an examplar police cruiser at the scene of the accident, and then add the collision vehicle after the fact. The result is a highly realistic and compelling video.

The jury was rapt every time we played [the trial animation] in court and they asked to show it again while deliberating. After the verdict came down, many of the jurors told us that they really liked the video. It brought our case home!
Lynberg & Watkins


Defense Verdict – $20M Plaintiff Demand