1. Prove Liability and Increase Damages

Legal animations have become a key way to help build empathy and explain the nuanced details of your case to interested parties, including mediators, jurors, and judges. Plaintiffs utilize legal animations to increase damages, increase settlement offers, and demonstrate the financial liability of the opposing parties in civil and criminal trials. 

2. Outperform the Opposition

For a long time, animations and other graphics had been thought of primarily as a tool for plaintiffs, but today’s defense counsels are increasingly adopting these solutions as well. And in cases where opposing counsel doesn’t use visuals, having visuals yourself dramatically increases the chances of winning a favorable verdict or outcome. Animations and other visual litigation solutions are a crucial tool to ensure that your client’s story is fully understood and empathized with. 

3. Pre-trial Success

Visualizations used early in the litigation process make for an effective and intimidating strategy when presenting the suffering your client endured. A data driven animation can drive defense counsel to significantly increase their settlement offer, so you can reach a favorable settlement earlier in the lifecycle of a lawsuit.

Courtroom Animation played a crucial role in strategizing effective visuals for this case. They were able to visualize multiple perspectives to show how the truck driver was at fault, not my client. Not only did they show multiple perspectives, but we also showed altered scenarios in which the truck driver diverted from hitting my client. The case went from 100% plaintiff’s fault to almost a 7-figure settlement for the plaintiff. This would not have been possible without Courtroom Animation’s help.
Jon Teller

Wilshire Law Firm



Allow your audience to witness an incident from an infinite number of perspectives all while validating or invalidating witness accounts. What may have been recorded from a single vantage point or not recorded at all can be recreated using a wide range of data points including witness testimony. Create empathy within the jury for what your client experienced and demonstrate clear liability.


When your client suffers an injury from medical malpractice, visual solutions allow you to tell the unique and complex story of the causal factors. Medical terminology and concepts tend to be extremely complicated, and an animation adds both an emotionally compelling and a memorable visual explanation of the situation.


A visual strategy is incredibly effective at countering defense counsel’s attempts to minimize your client’s harm and suffering. By simplifying complex medical terminology, intricate fact patterns, and competing narratives, you can clarify your client’s story, highlight all damages, and demonstrate clear liability.


One of the biggest challenges in product liability cases is ensuring the jury understands the type of defect, the steps involved in the creation of a product, the malfunctions, and the externalities or damages as a result of an issue. Legal graphics and animations simplify the complex elements of your case, amplify your core arguments, and maximize the value of your verdict or settlement.


Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most severe injuries that a client can experience. When faced with the life-long impact of a TBI, it’s crucial that the jury fully understand the extent of the injuries and their lasting impact. TBI animations accurately depict the areas of damage, in an easy-to-understand and memorable format.

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$2.15M Verdict: Surgery Animation Highlights Spine Injury


$8M Settlement: Medical Legal Graphics Reveal Malpractice

Motor Vehicle Collisions

Nearly 7-Figure Settlement: Legal Graphic Services Aided Plaintiff


$1.6M Verdict: Rear-End Collision Damages Woman’s Spine

Motor Vehicle Collisions

$10.9 Million Verdict: Forklift tramples pedestrian


$4.75 Million Settlement: Spine Surgeries following vehicle collision

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