$10.9 Million Verdict: Forklift tramples pedestrian


Steve Vartazarian and Matthew Whibley

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Plaintiff James Cobb was walking to work when he was struck from behind by a County of Los Angeles operated forklift. Mr. Cobb was pinned under the forklift and sustained major injuries to his lower extremities.

Courtroom Animation was tasked with recreating the events of the collision with 3D animation, as well as creating animated exhibits for multiple surgeries including skin grafts and grand-toe fusions.

Courtroom Animation was vital in ensuring that the jury understood what happened to my client, the complex surgeries he underwent to restore his ability to walk, and the human damages that will follow him for the next 41 years. The outcome would not have been the same without the powerful visuals created by Courtroom Animation.
Steve Vartazarian

The Vartazarian Law Firm


$10,900,000 VERDICT