They say that a picture is worth a thousand words – but what about an animation?

At Courtroom Animation we shape the most important aspects of your case into a narrative that will have the jury not only understand your case — but believe your case.

Legal animations, legal graphics, illustrations, interactive timelines, and other presentations have drastically evolved over the last decade, becoming a priceless tool for law firms and legal teams of all sizes to enhance the value and success of their cases.

Utilizing courtroom animation and other visual exhibits helps jurors comprehend and process information about a case more quickly and accurately, providing them with a clear and vivid picture of the events

Winning Visual Solutions: Our Services

At Courtroom Animation, we specialize in turning complex issues and confusing expert data into realistic, captivating stories that keep the jury grounded in facts while on the edge of their seat. Our animations bring to life the key concepts of your case, helping your fact finder understand the intricacies of the matter at hand. By creating compelling and engaging visual narratives, we ensure that your case stands out and resonates with the audience, ultimately leading to success in the courtroom.


3D animation is the most powerful tool an attorney can use in highlighting the facts of your case.

Accident Reconstruction Animations

We create accurate animations and illustrations for car crashes, cyclist collisions, trucking collisions, forklift accidents, motorcycle collisions, multi-vehicle accidents, fender bender lumbar injuries, school bus accidents, drunk driving accidents, boating accidents, and many other types of accidents.

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Aviation Accident Animations

We create detailed, accurate animations that help you explain the complexities of aviation accidents. Explain in easy-to-understand visuals the nuanced failures that caused the plane to crash.

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Birth Injury

Illustrate the severity and complexity of a child or mother’s injuries in a way that words alone cannot. Increase the jury’s understanding and empathy towards your client’s situation and strengthen their case for fair compensation.

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Construction Defect Animations

Create visual representations of architectural or engineering plans, showcasing specific elements of a building’s design or construction, or illustrating the sequence of events that led to a particular defect or issue.

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Environmental Law Animations

We create environmental law animations for oil and gas accidents, groundwater contamination, environmental crimes, toxic torts, environmental health & safety, and more.

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Medical Malpractice Animations

We create animations to help you explain the complexities behind improper or negligent medical treatment. Our medical malpractice services include animations, illustrations, timelines, and illustrative graphics.

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Personal Injury Animations

We help you explain complex medical terminology, intricate facts, and competing narratives in a easy-to-understand way. Our personal injury services include summary of injury, surgical animation, and personal injury illustration.

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Product Liability Animations

We help you explain the intricacies of a product failure, including the malfunctioning mechanism(s) and the damages caused by them.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Animations

We help you explain the depth and magnitude of your client’s injuries, as well as the mechanism of injury, through straightforward and memorable visuals.

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Free eBook: The Complete Introduction to Forensic Animation

Whether you are considering animation for one of your cases, or you simply want to be prepared for when the other party uses an animation, our eBook is your guide to understanding forensic animation.

Benefits of Using Legal Animations and Graphics

Trial graphics, animation, illustrations, and other visual presentations can…

  • Explicitly show moving parts and evolving processes during a case
  • Highlight a changing environment
  • Draw attention to the most relevant information
  • Point out specific steps in a process
  • Organize information in a way that is easy to comprehend
  • Use symbols to communicate a complex idea

…and so much more. Want to learn even more about these benefits? Be sure to read our blog post on the ways that forensic animation convinces a jury.

Free Checklist: How to Prepare Your Case for Working with a Forensic Animation Studio

Considering forensic animation for your case? Download your copy of this checklist, How to Prepare Your Case for Working with a Forensic Animation Studio, for a step-by-step guide on what you’ll need to do to
prepare your case for an animation.

Why Courtroom Animation?

We Have a 99% Admittance Rate

Animation + Foundation = Success

We know that a pretty legal animation doesn’t mean anything if it isn’t admitted into the courtroom. From day one, we work with expert data and witness testimony to ensure forensic animations are not only compelling but accurate.

Our expert team of animators and graphic artists can produce compelling and powerful animations that will add clarity to your case and retain the attention of jurors, so they fully comprehend your argument. The visuals that we have created have been credited with over $1 billion in favorable settlements and verdicts, and we are proud to boast a 99% admission rate in court. We diligently work to turn your case into a visual narrative utilizing state-of-the-art technology to develop high quality and realistic animations.

Additional Services by Courtroom Animation

  • Trial GraphicsIn today’s digital age it is critical to provide clean and aesthetically pleasing trial graphics that will provide the court with the context necessary to understand the facts of a case. When you are in need of timelines, charts, graphs or other graphics our team has you covered.

  • Witness ConsultingOur team has vast experience with successfully testifying to the authenticity of our work. Also, we actively audit other animator’s works to pick out any issues that may limit the use of those exhibits for the opposing counsel. We are thorough, professional and skilled at providing witness consulting for difficult depositions and in trial settings. 

  • Competitive AuditsWe are masters at going through your opposing counsel’s expert trial animation with a fine-toothed comb — exposing every last flaw — giving you the tools to limit it to the greatest degree.

  • 3D Laser ScanningWe utilize state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning to ensure that our courtroom animation and trial graphics are scientifically accurate and consistent.

  • Site InspectionWhen we work on a case, we make sure to visit the site where the event occurred to collect important data this will help us create accurate animations. 

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