Legal Animation Services

Successful Results Through Custom Visual Solutions

We shape the most important aspects of your case into a narrative that will have the jury not only understand your case — but believe your case.

Forensic animations, legal graphics, and custom visuals have drastically evolved over the last decade and are now a priceless tool for attorneys and experts to strengthen their core arguments and deliver successful results.

Courtroom Animation is a data visualization company helping jurors and other decision makers better understand your case.

Benefits of Using Forensic Animations and Legal Graphics

Animations, legal graphics, and other custom visuals…

  • Explicitly show moving parts and evolving processes during a case
  • Highlight a changing environment
  • Speed up and slow down time
  • Draw attention to the most relevant information
  • Point out specific steps in a process
  • Organize information in a way that is easy to comprehend
  • Use symbols to communicate a complex idea

…and so much more. 

Working with the Courtroom Animation Team

Our expert team of animators and graphic artists produce compelling and powerful animations that add clarity to your case and retain the attention of jurors, so they fully comprehend your argument. Our visuals are credited with more than $750 million in favorable settlements and verdicts, and we are proud to boast a 99% admission rate in court. We diligently work to turn your case into a visual narrative utilizing state-of-the-art technology to develop high quality and realistic custom animations.

Custom Visual Solutions to Help You Win Your Case

3D animation is the most powerful tool an attorney can use in capturing the most critical themes and arguments of a case. Working with expert witness and other medical professional, law enforcement and many other parties our visuals help transform complex issues into a compelling viewer experience for your audience to understand.

Increase your chances of reaching a favorable settlement or verdict for your client with one our visual solution.

  • IllustrationWhether it is demonstrating a complex medical procedure, or depicting the inner workings of a mechanical object, a quality illustration can make all the difference when it comes to a juror’s understanding of your key points. No matter what the case is, we will diligently work to provide custom illustrated content that will leave an unforgettable impact on the viewer. 
  • AnalysisWe have the cutting-edge tools and training to accurately analyze motion, speed, surveillance camera footage, and other important data that will make an impact on your case. Also, our team has the ability to work with any type of expert witness to turn their analysis into stunning visual trial exhibits. We utilize a wide range of resources in order to ensure that our content is scientifically accurate and consistent. 
  • Trial GraphicsIn today’s digital age it is critical to provide clean and aesthetically pleasing trial graphics that will provide the court with the context necessary to understand the facts of a case. When you are in need of timelines, charts, graphs or other graphics our team has you covered. 
  • Witness ConsultingOur team has vast experience with successfully testifying to the authenticity of our work. Also, we actively audit other animator’s works to pick out any issues that may limit the use of those exhibits for the opposing counsel. We are thorough, professional and skilled at providing witness consulting for difficult depositions and in trial settings. 
  • 3D Laser ScanningWe utilize state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning to ensure that our courtroom animation and trial graphics are scientifically accurate and consistent.
  • Site InspectionWhen we work on a case, we make sure to visit the site where the event occurred to collect important data this will help us create accurate animations. 

Ready to Start a Project For Your Case?

To learn more about the services that we offer, or to inquire about specific content creation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached at (800) 616–0373, or you can visit us on Facebook and Instagram to get to know us better and explore more samples of our work. 


3D animation is the most powerful tool an attorney can use in showing how an event took place. Viewers easily understand the narrative and key points of a case. We can transform complex issues and confusing expert data into realistic, edge-of-your-seat videos.

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Illustrations are a powerful and budget friendly way to communicate a unique or complicated idea to a jury. Whether it is showing the steps of a medical surgery, the inner workings of a machine, or complex expert witness data, illustrations significantly help to emphasize, dramatize and clarify evidence.

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What if you could go make in time and move a surveillance camera to capture your event from the most ideal perspective? Our deep scientific analysis tools allow us to re-create cameras, reveal complex pedestrian motion, decipher vehicle speeds, understand line of sight and time-distance issues, and more.

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Need an animation for your case?

Why We Have a 99% Admittance Rate

Animation + Foundation = Success

We know that a pretty legal animation doesn’t mean anything if it isn’t admitted into the courtroom. From day one, we work with expert data and witness testimony to ensure forensic animations are not only compelling but accurate.

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning assures that our content is scientifically accurate and consistent by recreating scenes and collisions with 100% accuracy during courtroom animation.

Scientific Analysis

We work closely with experts in creating line of sight studies, phot- and video-gammetry, time distance diagrams, and a host of other technical tools to produce and assess legal animation, including forensic animation and medical animation.

Site Visits

Visiting the environment where an incident took place allows us to collect important and unique data, and to create effective trial graphics and trial animations from first-hand perspectives.

Competitive Audits

We are masters at going through your opposing counsel’s expert trial animation with a fine-toothed comb — exposing every last flaw — giving you the tools to limit it to the greatest degree.

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Witness Consulting

We are experienced and successful at testifying to the authenticity of our work, from our trial graphics to trial animations. You can count on us to be highly competent, thorough, and professional in difficult deposition and trial settings.

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