Delayed Medical Treatment Causes CRPS

Motorcycle Accident Caused by Negligent Roadway Maintenance

Confidential Settlement: Auto Accident Reconstruction & Summary of Injuries

$5.8M Verdict: Medical Illustration Services Detail Bad Faith Claim

$2.15M Verdict: Surgery Animation Highlights Spine Injury

$8M Settlement: Medical Legal Graphics Reveal Malpractice

$5.5 Million Settlement – Bus Crushes Pedestrian

$1.6M Verdict: Rear-End Collision Damages Woman’s Spine

$4.75 Million Settlement: Spine Surgeries following vehicle collision

$2.3 Million Verdict: Depiction of injuries sustained in vehicle collision

How do you know when to use legal animations for medical cases?

A legal animation can be used in conjunction with additional evidence and testimony in any case where you are trying to explain a complicated process or procedure.

We encourage you to connect with our team at Courtroom Animation with enough time before your trial so that we can have the time necessary to consult with our experts, review the facts and evidence of the case and collect any additional information we may need in order to create a high quality illustration that is detailed, accurate and effective.

Combining medical case animations with expert and witness testimony, as well as additional evidence and an attention-grabbing verbal presentation is sure to keep the judge and jury engaged and informed so they can reach a fair verdict.

When we create legal animations for medical cases you can be assured that the final product will be aesthetically pleasing, high quality, accurate, engaging and simplified enough so that the average person can easily understand the complex information that is being presented.

Whether you are representing a client who suffered multiple injuries and subsequent surgeries due to an accident or you need to explain and show how a surgical mistake happened – we have the skills, knowledge and technology to animate anatomy, illustrate an injury or simulate exactly what happened in slow motion so that your audience will feel as if they were live at the scene.

Using legal animations for medical cases as a tool in the courtroom is a great way to educate a jury that may have a difficult time understanding complex medical terminology and procedures.

With our services you can easily explain complex techniques and practices in a format that is engaging and easy to understand. Medical animations can prove to be a crucial part of your case so you can achieve a favorable result and verdict.

A legal animation that is done well can highlight how significant an injury is or explain the details of a complicated procedure so that you can make sure the jury is paying attention to every portion of your presentation.

Our team of talented illustrators can create custom legal animations for medical cases directly from depositions, medical reports, diagnostic films or expert opinions. In addition to legal animations we can also turn a basic black and white diagnostic film like an x-ray into a very clear and colorized illustration ready for trial.

Legal animations breathe life into a case and make it possible to transport the audience in the courtroom directly to the scene of an accident or an operating room, so they can not only understand the situation, but also experience the case “live.” Some of the most common situations where legal animations for medical cases are used include:

  • When you are trying to demonstrate the cause of death or injury during a criminal defense trial
  • When you are explaining the extent of pain and suffering after a personal injury case
  • When you are trying to prove medical negligence or showing that a surgical mistake was made resulting in more damages for your client

There are many benefits to using legal animations for medical cases, including but not limited to supplementing additional evidence with visual representation to boost juror attention and retention. Incorporating animation services into your legal strategy can make all the difference in the final outcome for your case.

We’re proud to share that we create the best products for the best teams, and we’ve seen over $1 billion in favorable verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Take the time to browse through our website and check out our results page to see our recent work. We have worked with more than 500 top law firms, contributed to more than 2,000 cases and we work hard to make sure our work has a 99% admittance rate.

If you are dealing with a case that has difficult to understand medical issues or procedures that will be challenging to explain to a jury, please contact us today. Our experienced team of medical illustrators will develop excellent trial animations of medical cases that are customized to your specific needs. The legal animations for medical cases that we create will prove to be an invaluable tool in court and will help you present your evidence in a way that is easy to understand and will be well received by your audience. We look forward to connecting and working with you soon!


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