Motorcycle Accident Caused by Negligent Roadway Maintenance

“It’s not just some diagnosis written on a discharge summary… this is what the jury is going to see!”

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Summary: Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction Helps Secure $39.1 Million Dollar Settlement

This case study highlights a motorcycle accident involving a young man who suffered life-altering neck injuries due to a neglected roadway condition. In the early hours on his way to work the motorcycle rider crashed due to fallen branches from a row of eucalyptus trees. With the absence of investigative photographs and the need to establish liability, a comprehensive investigation, including witness interviews and expert analysis, was conducted. The use of cutting-edge technology, including drone-based 3D laser scanning, and forensic animation proved instrumental in reconstructing the accident scene. The actual tree branch struck by the motorcycle was matched to the broken limb on the tree.

Through diligent legal representation by Steve Vartazarian of the Vartazarian Law Firm, the responsible governmental entity was identified and held accountable for their failure to maintain safe road conditions. The use of Courtroom Animation and a day-in-the-life video provided Verdict Videos powerful visual evidence of the victim’s extensive injuries and the lifelong impact on his quality of life. Ultimately, the case was successfully settled for $39,100,000, providing compensation to the victim and emphasizing the importance of maintaining road safety.

Neck injuries suffered in the motorcycle accident

Snapshot of the Surgery Animation Highlighting the Motorcyclist’s Neck Injuries

Challenge: Overcoming the Lack of Investigative Photographs and Evidence in a Motorcycle Accident Case

This case study revolves around a motorcycle accident that occurred when a young man collided with a debris field on a roadway due to the presence of fallen branches from a row of eucalyptus trees. The negligence of the responsible party in maintaining safe road conditions resulted in the victim suffering severe spinal injuries. Through a meticulous investigation, technological advancements, and compelling visual evidence, the legal team successfully established liability and secured a significant settlement for the victim.

Laser scan of the fallen limb that the driver hit causing this motorcycle accident.

3D Laser Scan of the Fallen Limb Recovered from the Accident Site

Solution: Innovative Strategies and Visual Evidence for Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Details:

  • The accident took place at 6 a.m. as the young man was riding his motorcycle to work.
  • While going over a rise in the roadway, he encountered a 55 ft debris field and was unable to react in time, resulting in a collision.
  • The impact ejected him into the debris field, leading to fractures in his neck from C1 down to T7.
  • Emergency measures were taken, and he was medevaced to Stanford for surgery.

Investigative Efforts:

  • The legal team, including Mr. Vartazarian and Brady Held of Courtroom Animation, visited the accident scene to gather evidence.
  • A drone equipped with a 3D laser scanner was employed to scan the tree and the broken limb that the victim had struck.
  • Through meticulous analysis and reconstruction, the broken limb was matched to the tree, establishing a crucial connection in the case.

Establishing Liability:

  • Due to the absence of investigative photographs, the team relied on locating witnesses who reported the incident to the California Highway Patrol (CHP).
  • Bulk mailers were sent to the community, resulting in numerous responses from witnesses who confirmed a history of fallen branches on the roadway.
  • The investigating officer testified to his previous reports on the issue, further substantiating the dangerous condition of the roadway.
  • The responsible party was identified as a governmental entity that failed to address the ongoing hazards within 60 days preceding the accident.

Visual Evidence: Laser Scans, Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction & More!

  • Courtroom animations were prepared to showcase the surgical procedures and the extensive nature of the victim’s injuries.
  • The animations effectively conveyed the irreversible damage to the victim’s spine and emphasized the lifelong suffering he would endure.
  • Additionally, a day-in-the-life video captured the victim’s struggles, showcasing the challenges and difficulties he faced due to his injuries.
  • These visual representations enabled the jury to empathize with the victim’s plight and understand the impact on his daily life.
Laser scan of the three that dropped the broken limb in this motorcycle accident case.

3D Laser Scan of the Subject Eucalyptus Tree Overhanging the Roadway

“With the animations that were prepared by courtroom animation of that surgery were key in this case because later, we were able to demonstrate exactly how extensive these injuries were.”

Steve Vartazarian, The Vartazarian Law Firm

Result: $39.1 Million Settlement Against Government Entity

Through the unwavering dedication of The Vartazarian Law Firm’s legal team and the compelling presentation of evidence from Courtroom Animation and Verdict Videos, a remarkable settlement of $39,100,000 was achieved in this case. This substantial compensation not only covered the victim’s extensive medical expenses and ongoing care needs but also acknowledged the profound impact on his quality of life. Moreover, the successful resolution highlighted the crucial importance of maintaining safe road conditions and holding accountable those responsible for negligence, serving as a powerful reminder to prioritize public safety and prevent future accidents.


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