$1M Settlement: Accident Reconstruction Animation a “Game-changer”


During peak hour traffic in Southern California, a motor vehicle collision occurred on a major freeway. Traffic had begun slowing to a stop, and one commercial truck driver did not apply his brakes. The truck driver crashed into the plaintiff’s stopped vehicle ahead of him.

The initial settlement offer was $450K. After presenting the animation, the defense counsel increased their offer by $550K – for a total of $1M and an over 2,000% return on investment!

Courtroom Animation was retained by the plaintiff’s counsel to re-create the three car crash collision utilizing multiple perspectives. The visuals produced ultimately highlighted the defendants fault by showing that the truck driver had ample time to slow down and avoid colliding with the passenger van, but did not.

Watch one of the perspectives from the accident reconstruction animation that helped secure a $1M settlement, an additional $550K over the original offer in the video above.


The plaintiff counsel’s argument was that the truck driver had enough time to see the brake lights on the vehicles in front, neglected to brake, and was liable for the collision. However, conveying the “how” and specific timing of the incident was a challenge.

“The forensic animations were a game-changer that helped us receive a $1 million dollar settlement. Courtroom Animation’s team also worked within our tight deadline to deliver them within a two-week period!”

Brad Wallace, Attorney & Founder of The Wallace Law Firm

The plaintiff counsel had photos of the vehicle’s damage, a traffic collision report, and the plaintiff’s first hand account to reference. However, the plaintiff’s arguments were difficult to comprehend and ultimately lackluster without a compelling visual to tell the story.

How could the attorney amplify his argument that the defendant had neglected to brake in time and owed damages? The answer was found in three varying points of view of the crash.

Truck Driver’s View from Accident Reconstruction Animation

Truck Driver’s View from Accident Reconstruction Animation

Solution: Three Accident Reconstruction Animations

Every visual cue and detail in the animations functioned as key pieces of leverage during the ‘back and forth’ in settlement discussions. The animated perspectives included:

  • The truck driver’s view from behind the plaintiff’s vehicle.
  • A trailing view to visualize the scene of slowing traffic.
  • A slow-motion view to highlight the severity of the impact.

The devil is in the details. The details of the three animations — the flashing brake lights and the slow-motion whiplash of the plaintiff — all served a purpose in expressing how the defendant’s negligent actions caused physical damages and bodily injuries.

Similar to an NFL game replay, the accident reconstruction animations conveyed the important angles and details of the crash as if the viewers were there. The plaintiff attorney highlighted the defendant’s negligent actions from the back, front, and even inside the truck.

After seeing the plaintiff counsel’s compelling forensic animations and realizing how well prepared they were for trial, the defense counsel reassessed their position. They reevaluated the strength of their case, and raised their initial settlement offer of $450K to $1 million!

Car crash animation still of injury

Sample Litigation Graphic from Injury Animation View

Result: Accident Animations are Incredibly Powerful Early in the Litigation Process

The three animations brought the reality of the car crash to life. They were vital to helping the plaintiff counsel express how the defense neglected to act in accordance with the law. 

The visual aids were so impactful that it resulted in the defense team increasing their settlement offer to one million dollars. The animation resulted in a $550,000 increase in the settlement offer – an over 2,000% return on investment!

Courtroom Animation’s team of visual strategists, developers, and legal animators can create your accident reconstruction animation for any case regarding:

  • Personal injury
  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability
  • Birth injury
  • Construction defect
  • And more.

Learn how even one accident reconstruction animation can assist your civil case today! Or, if you’re interested in how much a legal graphic or animation costs, download our free litigation animation pricing guide.


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