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At Courtroom Animation, our scientifically-accurate 3D renderings have raised the bar for legal animation studios across the world! With highly-detailed 3D trial animations, interactive exhibits, medical illustrations, and forensic animations, our team strives to provide the most comprehensive visual aids to ensure that your jury will absorb the information you present to them with ease!

Our professional animators know that seeing  is believing, which is why our expert testimonials will prove to you why we are the premier medical animation studio in Los Angeles, CA! Below, you will find thorough testimonies from some of the best law firms we’ve worked with, providing you with the insight you need to see just how effective state-of-the-art courtroom animations can be for your trial:

Dana McCune

McCune & Harbor, LLP

“I have recently had the privilege of utilizing Courtroom Animation in the defense of some catastrophic injury matters. I find their work to be absolutely crucial and are now the only firm that I choose to use in preparation for settlement conference trials on behalf of my city and school district clients.”

Steve Vartazarian

The Vartazarian Law Firm

“The animation was key in obtaining a $2.2 million verdict. When the jury saw it they nodded their heads up and down and for the first time they really understood what had happened to my client.”

Barry Snyder

Snyder Law, LLP

“My very active trial firm used Courtroom Animation on three very significant cases in the past year. The turnaround time, cost, and quality of the product delivered in each matter was outstanding. In two of the three matters, their animations made a huge impact in our ability to resolve the case on our terms. Courtroom Animation is now our go-to partner for animations that we need for mediation and trial.”

Eric Deyerl

Dial Engineering

“Courtroom Animation has done a phenomenal job producing accurate, high-quality computer animation for our projects under rapid-response conditions. They have catered to our needs while seemingly never breaking a sweat. I would highly recommend their services for anyone in the market for technical computer animations.”

Lynberg & Watkins

“The animation was highly effective. The jury was rapt every time we played it in court and they asked to it again while deliberating. After the verdict came down, many of the jurors told us that they really liked the video. It brought our case home!”

Archer Norris

A Professional Law Corporation

“Courtroom Animation delivers. Sharing C.A. founder Brady Held’s few vital seconds of animation at mediation helped settle our clients’ wrongful death case against a trucking company, whose insurers had been challenging liability until then.”

David Ferrante

Wesierski & Zurek, LLP

“We successfully used video animation of a motor vehicle versus pedetrian in a crosswalk case to demonstrate to the jury that both the pedestrian and the motorist had unobstructed lines of sight of the other. The animation depicted, in incredibly accurate detail, the lighting, shrubs, trees, driver, and pedestrian at the time of the accident. The jury later said they believed the accident occurred exactly as depicted in the animation.”

Sean O’Doherty

Gates, O’Doherty, Gonter, & Guy, LLP

“My firm has used Courtroom Animation’s services numerous times with great results. Their demonstratives have proven themselves to be a key factor in representing our clients to the best of our ability. They are now our primary provider of forensic animations and graphics.”

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From personal injury to medical malpractice, our medical animation studio will provide your case with cutting-edge legal animations and illustrations to better describe what truly happened. With a diverse portfolio and a 95% success rate for the cases we’ve worked on, you can rest assured that our animations will help you win! For more information on what we do, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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