Interactive Exhibits

There are certain situations and narratives that are very difficult to explain, especially to an audience that may not be familiar with the subject at hand. When a legal team is presenting facts and evidence in the courtroom, it’s extremely important that the information is relayed to the judge and jury in a way that is easy to comprehend and memorable.

Courtroom Animation can create quality interactive exhibits and renderings that can be manipulated in real time with the help of modern technology. 

An interactive exhibit allows a legal team the ability to navigate through their presentation as they need to in order to break down specific scenarios or information relevant to the case.

Some of the most common cases that we see using interactive exhibits are medical and personal injury, but this service can also be used to showcase product liability.

An interactive exhibit allows us to break down a complicated process step-by-step, like a surgery, so that the audience that is receiving the information can get a comprehensive look at what happened during the procedure.

How Interactive Exhibits Can Help Your Case

Here are some examples of cases that would be great candidates for interactive exhibits:

  • Traumatic brain injury situations
  • Summary of injuries sustained during a collision 
  • Showcasing human anatomy
  • Illustrating parts of a product and how it works
  • Interpretations of medical processes and procedures

No matter what industry is being represented, interactive exhibits and presentations allow legal teams the power to control the narrative and maintain the attention of the courtroom in a dynamic way. 

The technology and software that we use allows us to help legal teams take complex information and turn it into an educational and memorable interactive exhibit.

Benefits of Interactive Exhibits

Some features of interactive exhibits include the ability to zoom in, highlight, rotate, annotate and break down information to specific details live in the courtroom.

We work hard to ensure that we provide our clients with a high-quality product and a user-friendly interface so that the whole presentation is easy to use, easy to understand and achieves the goal of relaying the information properly and accurately. This interactive approach is very beneficial when guiding jurors through a case because they will be able to understand the facts and also remember the key points being made throughout the presentation. 

Ready to Get a Quote for Your Case?

We work with expert witnesses and numerous professionals to ensure that our interactive exhibits are as accurate and accessible as possible.

We encourage you to take a look at our results portfolio to see how previous clients have used our interactive exhibits to gain favorable outcomes for their cases.

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