How an Interactive Court Exhibit Helped in a Grisly Murder Case

How an Interactive Exhibit Helped in a Grisly Murder Case

Technology used in litigation has changed dramatically. There are now different products and services available that feature machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and so much more. Graphics, charts, basic animations, or even a court exhibit have always been present in the courtroom, but even these tools have seen a significant upgrade in recent years. 

We specialize in producing scientifically accurate trial animations and graphics that can be used as legal evidence and demonstrative exhibits to help a legal team win their case.

Not only can our team provide amazing visualizations, but we proudly boast a 99% admittance rate in the courtroom. Attorneys and their clients can feel confident knowing that we will bring your story to life with fact-based legal animations and evidence.

Our latest project includes the creation of an interactive exhibit where a graphic novelist committed a grisly and violent murder in an apartment. The case follows the grim murder trial of graphic novelist Blake Leibel, who was convicted of first-degree murder in the death of his girlfriend. The trial was defined by gruesome images highlighting the severity of the crime, disturbing photographs to illustrate the murder and testimony from forensic experts to help piece together what happened. 

The Creation of an Interactive Map

Our team of professionals created an interactive apartment exhibit where the murder had taken place by combining their forensic animation skills and interactive exhibits experience.

We pieced together the analysis from the top expert witnesses, law enforcement officers and additional testimonies to recreate the scene of the crime – the apartment layout – with interactive entertainment technology.

Then we brought to life the scene of the murder with forensic animation. The end result was a complete interactive court exhibit of the apartment, displaying each individual room and recreating the events that took place during the murder. Our team heavily relies on eyewitness accounts, forensic photography and other images from the site as well as evidence collected by law enforcement to put together interactive trial exhibits.

This interactive exhibit highlights where DNA was found at the scene, the layout from room to room, where significant evidence was located, where the body of the deceased was placed as well as items believed to be used during the murder.

The goal is to create a life-like experience for the judge and jury so they can feel as though they are re-living the moment of the crime in real time.

This experience can be shocking, especially as part of a gruesome murder trial, but it is effective in presenting the facts of the case to the audience in the courtroom. 

Computer-generated graphics, like interactive court exhibits, allow a legal team to offer a more memorable experience to the jury and it takes the verbal presentation one step further.

Studies have shown that people understand and retain information much better when it is presented in different formats. This means that a legal team can and should supplement their oral presentation with visuals like interactive exhibits, engaging legal graphics or trial animations.

The best way to win a case is to present a strong argument supported by facts and evidence in a way that will improve the jury’s understanding and comprehension. 

Why Was a Court Exhibit Important?

The interactive exhibit that we put together for this case completely changed the jury’s perspective on the murder.

Showing them the map of the apartment where the crime was committed allows the jury to feel like they are right at the scene of the crime in real time. They can take in the details of the apartment, visualize the interaction between the graphic novelist and his victim, and truly be a part of the crime scene.

Without forensic animation and interactive exhibits, this would not be possible – this piece of evidence is second to none in a legal case. By providing a high-quality visual like an interactive court exhibit to the jury you give them additional information so they can fully comprehend the facts and evidence presented in a case.

If a jury was to listen to only verbal testimony they would not retain as much information and they are more likely to tune out and miss important facts. 

The bottom line is that visuals are an invaluable asset for a legal team to win an argument and achieve a favorable and successful outcome in their cases. Seeing is believing and we can help shape the most important aspects of your case into a narrative that will allow the courtroom audience to understand and believe your argument. 

Start an Interactive Court Exhibit for Your Case

We are very proud to share that we have a 99% admittance rate in more than 2,000 cases, and that we have successfully helped to secure more than $1 billion in favorable verdicts and settlements for our clients.

In addition to interactive exhibits, we also provide a wide range of legal animation services to our clients and we will directly work with you to ensure that you have everything you need to for a successful outcome. Some of the other services we offer include:

If you or your client is in need of interactive exhibits, forensic animations, or medical illustrations, then get a quote for your case today!

The interactive apartment exhibit in this case is just one small example of our team’s capability and experience. Find out how we can help you and your client.

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