4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in 3D Medical Animation

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How are you using visuals in your medical malpractice or personal injury cases? Whether you stick to oral presentations or utilize PowerPoint, a custom 3D visual can make all the difference in your case.

If you are wondering what kind of legal graphic you should consider, then know that it depends on your case type. If your client’s case revolves around any of the bullet points below, then a 3D medical animation would best suit your needs.

  • Experienced an accidental injury
  • Defending that they performed an error-free surgery
  • Had an operation that deviated from standard medical care

If you are considering investing in medical animation but want to learn more before speaking with an expert, then this blog is for you.

Sample Medical Graphic from Courtroom Animation

What is medical animation?

In the legal sense, an animation is a video demonstrating an expert’s opinion or a witness’ testimony related to your case. The global market of medical animation is rapidly expanding, and its use within the legal industry is no different. It is well known and generally accepted by the top performers in the litigation community that you need to use demonstrative evidence, including medical animation, to be persuasive at trial. Attorneys have grown to use it to an increasing extent in litigation over the past few decades.

But how can it help your present, or even future, civil case? The benefits of medical animation cover many elements, so we have distilled them into four clear sections. Here is a preview of what we will cover:

  • It adds leverage during mediation
  • Enhance your story in trial
  • Strengthens your credibility
  • Admissibility becomes a straightforward process

Having established what medical animation is and what cases it benefits, we’re ready to explore why an investment is worthwhile to both defense and plaintiff attorneys.

1.  Adds Compelling Leverage in Mediation

When an attorney leverages 3D medical animation during settlement discussions, it increases the chances that the opposing party will settle for a favorable amount.

A plaintiff and a defense attorney in mediation are similar to two generals trying to win a war. Sometimes they go to battle (trial), but if they can achieve a favorable outcome beforehand then they will do so. In this scenario, a surgical animation could convey the strength of one army, effectively casting doubt in their opponents.

Once the animation is revealed, the opposing party will realize that you are armed for trial. As they usually do not want to draw out the discussions or risk an unpredictable jury verdict, it gives them incentive to settle.

Overall, it’s a convincing way to signal across the battlefield, “I have this accurate and well-made animation ready to go, what do you have in your arsenal?”

Medical graphics have been shown to cut down the overall time in settlement discussion — even as far as settling within the first day! Watch the forensic animation that achieved this rapid settlement timeline:

Warning: Graphic Content

Using these medical animations is a modern strategy for attorneys with medical-related cases. It gives them an ace up their sleeve that the opposing party might not have, both in mediation and in trial.

2. Creates a Cohesive Storytelling Strategy in Trial

Every general needs a strategy to win a battle. In trial, one strategy is to engage and educate the jury so that they can empathize with their client. The best way to do that is to create a story around their case.

An attorney can guide the jury’s attention and improve their perception of essential elements of their case while the medical video is playing. Alternatively, an expert can take control and walk the jury through their testimony using the animation. A verbal summary of injury becomes easier for the jury to absorb with an encompassing visual.

3D medical animation has even been found to educate medical students on complex anatomy, which leads to the conclusion that it’s also a compelling method to educate your jury on complex medical cases.

A trial graphic captures the story of your case in a fast, informational visual that compliments your oral presentation. Providing the jury something to look at whenever possible, as opposed to showing documents, graphics, images, etc. only periodically as deemed necessary, will enhance juror response the most.

To determine the needed investment for medical animation, download our free pricing guide. It discusses the bidding process, cost factors, and more.

3. Builds on Your Credibility

With even one 3D medical animation, it shows you understand your case and are ready to explain how your client is not liable. Expert-witness validated animations show that you did the due diligence to ensure it was accurate and admissible.

A general that plans three steps ahead of their enemy is more likely to win the war.

3D Medical Animation Sample from Courtroom Animation
3D Medical Animation Sample from Courtroom Animation

It demonstrates that you are confident in your client’s case, and are ready to go to trial if needed. A medical graphic or animation is an investment, but one that pays off by giving you the visual support to achieve a more favorable outcome.

4. Includes Straightforward Admissibility Procedures

Remember that animations are not simulations because they do not offer any conclusions or become a new piece of evidence. Because of that distinction, demonstrative animations are easier to get admitted in court.

There are five key ways to ensure that your medical graphics and animations are admissible:

  1. Share it with the opposing counsel early
  2. Have your expert testify to its accuracy
  3. Place it on the exhibit list as soon as you can
  4. Reveal it to the opposing expert
  5. Have your expert comb through it

An experienced forensic animation studio will collaborate with your experts to ensure the visuals are factual and accurate.

Experienced Medical Animation Studios Work with Your Budget

In short, 3D medical animation provides you leverage within mediation by: simplifying your client’s story; educating the jury to build your or your expert’s credibility; and enhancing the chances of a favorable verdict or settlement.

Win your litigation war faster and achieve your favorable outcome!

“Courtroom Animation was instrumental in our ability to show the experimental nature of the procedure. Their ability to create the rendering of the animation helped the mediator understand our case and enabled our expert to walk the mediator through the procedure step by step…”

Michael Grieco, Attorney at Romanucci & Blandin Law Firm

But where can you start looking for medical animation services? If you reach out, you will find that the Courtroom Animation team will apply expert 3D medical animation design to help bring a strategic vision to your case.

With a 99% admittance rate and experience with over 2,000 cases, we are committed to helping you and your client achieve a successful result.

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