Tools of the Forensic 3D Animation Trade: 3D Laser Scanners

Tools of the Forensic 3D Animation Trade: 3D Laser Scanners

Technology has come a long way, and in the last ten years alone there have been some incredible developments that help make us more efficient. Graphics, illustrations, presentations, and even forensic 3D animation in the courtroom have drastically evolved and continue to be a priceless tool that legal teams of all sizes utilize to add value and see success in their cases.

In our industry and in the world of legal graphics, 3D laser scanners are a major game changer. In order to create accurate courtroom animations, we utilize the latest graphics technology along with 3D laser scanners to ensure that our content is scientifically correct and consistent.

This technology allows us to perfectly replicate the environment of a specific event – quickly and accurately! This helps us take the guesswork out of the most difficult part of 3D modeling, measuring placement, distances and curvatures. 

How Does 3D Laser Scanning Work?

A 3D laser scanner is kind of like a camera, it can only capture what is directly in its field of view. Once the scanner starts working it will project a laser line onto the object and then a sensor will measure the distance to the surface of the object. Once that data is processed it can be converted into a digital image and then a CAD model. 

3D laser scanners use a very advanced technology that digitally captures the shape of a physical object using a line of laser light.

This allows us to capture the exact size and shape of the object and then transfer it into a computer as a digital three-dimensional representation. 3D laser scanners are extremely beneficial for courtroom animations because they can measure the fine details of an object and capture shapes, which makes them an ideal tool to use when we need to measure or capture a complex surface. 

When we use 3D laser scanners in our forensic 3D animation services, it allows us to ensure that our work is extremely accurate. This is very important when it comes to using animation as part of your trial because you can present a judge and jury with a real-world view of a crime scene or accident without physically having to visit the site. 

How Do 3D Laser Scanners Benefit Your Case?

Did you know that most of us primarily visual learners?

This means that we can comprehend information up to 80% better when it is presented to us with a visual aid as opposed to only listening to a lecture.

When we use 3D laser scanners as part of our animation services it makes our work extremely realistic, which is essential when trying to prove a point or delivering an argument that can make or break a case.

Whether we are recreating a car accident or highlighting specific parts of a machine, when we use 3D laser scanners the animation is scientifically accurate, which makes it admissible to trial.

Here are some of the main benefits to using 3D laser scanners and forensic 3D animation as a part of your case:

  • Admissibility – In order for an animation to be admitted as evidence it must first be validated by an expert or witness testimony. This means that experts and witness must be consulted during the creation of the animation. The worst thing is when an animation is not admitted due to lack of authentication. We are proud to share we have a 99% admittance rate and work hard to ensure our animations meet all standards for admittance. Whether it is a line-of-sight obstruction in an automobile collision or an extremely small and detailed part of a machine in a products liability case, using a 3D point cloud ensures the creation of the 3D model will be scientifically accurate.
  • Impact – When you are trying to capture the shrinking attention spans of today’s jurors, animation can be your best friend. Presentation is key when delivering a message to a judge, jury or mediator and animations can visually engage your audience while conveying complex facts in a way that is easy to understand and remember. Using a point cloud in the creation process acts as a blueprint that allows the artist to create the most realistic graphics possible. Having animations and graphics be as accurate as possible is essential in conveying the points that will make or break a case.
  • Value – Creating a three-dimensional environment is time consuming and one of the most expensive parts about animation. Using point clouds reduces cost and time. Working from a 3D blueprint as opposed to traditional data (pictures, total station surveys, aerial imagery) allows the artist to create a 3D object or environment in a fraction of the time as using other sources of data. We also offer various solutions to our clients to help reduce expenses, including placing a computer-generated 3D model within a traditional photograph of a scene. For example, we can use a real-world photograph of a location and animate objects or people into this scene – this is a cost-effective solution that is still high quality, scientifically accurate and aesthetically pleasing. 

The Bottom Line of Laser Scanners & Forensic 3D Animation

At Courtroom Animation we work hard to provide advanced animation services to our clients and help them turn a legal argument into a visual narrative.

We do this by working closely with experts and witnesses so we can make sure that our animations are not only compelling but also accurate.

There is so much we can do to help our clients – we can create line of sight studies, time distance diagrams, technical graphics, medical and forensic illustrations and so much more!

The technology that we use for our work is top of the line and our graphics specialists are extremely talented and experienced in creating trial graphics and animations for your needs. 

If you are interested in learning more about our services and about how 3D laser scanners and animations can benefit your legal team, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We encourage you to check out our client testimonials and browse through our results page to get an idea of what we do and what we can offer you. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon. 

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