5 Areas Where Litigation Graphics and Animations Create Leverage in Settlement Discussions

It is often incorrectly assumed that creating an animation or graphics for a case is only viable if the case is going to trial. Over the years a majority of the graphics we have created are for scenarios such as a mediation that is essentially a structured settlement talk. Preparing an aggressive, state of the art presentation helps persuade the fact finder. For our clients, this argument alone is enough for them to reach out to us to create animations and graphics for mediation. On top of all of this, the cost of producing an animation has dropped dramatically over the past decade. Animations that cost less than $5k are fairly common these days.

Here are 5 non-trial scenarios where a creating legal graphics will benefit the outcome of your settlement:

1. Mediation

In mediation there are often no federal rules of evidence making it a ripe space to be aggressive with your presentation.

2. Settlement Talks – Judge’s Chambers

Using animations and graphics in the judge’s chambers during settlement talks has multiple advantages. You show that you are serious, the judge will easily understand your case, and you tip the settlement in your favor.

3. Direct Settlement Talks

Our clients repeatedly tell us about jaws dropping on the opposite side when the animation is brought in to settlement talks. The engaging and emotional element of an animation can turn the tide in any case. Putting fear into the opposition counsel may weaken their beliefs about the case.

4. Email Exchange Settlements

Settlements can happen entirely over email. Showing graphics in email exchanges shows the opposition you are ready for trial. These graphics are often quickly created and pack a heavy punch.

5. Mock Settlement Discussions

Mock settlement discussions and mock mediations are common when large amounts of money are on the line. This is the perfect time to test your litigation animations and graphics on the mediator and see the impact.

Here is an example of an animation that was used in mediation to persuade the fact finder: