Litigation Animation


Litigating can be difficult. The majority of the time, successful litigations occur when one side can persuasively explain what happened. This is where Courtroom Animation comes in. We can help increase your persuasiveness with litigation animation. Our team offers 3D legal animation, interactive exhibits, and medical illustrations to defendants and plaintiffs. If you need life-like litigation animations to prove and win your case, call our team of specialists at Courtroom Animation!

Why Litigation Animation?

While in court, many different things will occur. You will present evidence in the form of photographs, charts, or documents. Your witnesses and expert testimonies will explain the situation to the best of their ability. But, you need something that connects both the physical evidence and the testimonies: legal animation. Our professionals can create 3D legal animations of exactly what happened to your client. Whether it concerned a collision or personal injury, our animations will show the jury what transpired.

When Is Litigation Animation Necessary?

Litigation Animation, Car Accident LitigationIf you or your client has experienced any of the following situations, legal animation could be very beneficial for your case:

  • Collisions
  • Personal injury
  • Architectural or construction defect
  • Product defect
  • Any combination of the above situations
  • Medical malpractice

Enhanced Visualizations

With Courtroom Animation, you will be able to show the court and jury exactly what occurred. We will provide you with the tools and enhanced visualizations to do so! Our litigation animations will bring each juror back to the scene of the accident. The jury will be able to see specifically what happened. Our team will produce animations with car accidents, showing the exact point of collision, or looking further into the human body with personal injuries and subsequent surgeries. We will show the court something that they wouldn’t normally be able to see.


As the defendant, our team promises the following:

-Prove negligence: we will prove how the actions of the plaintiff caused or contributed to his or her own plight

-Emphasize the facts: we will deliver the facts in a cohesive narrative while staying distant from any emotions or shock reactions

-Creating a lasting impression: the jury will never forget the exhibit that pieced the entire case together and told your client’s story


As the plaintiff, we guarantee the following:

-Prove Negligence: we will prove which actions the defendant could have and should have taken

-Show client’s pain & suffering: we ensure that the jury will feel exactly what happened to your client, and what could happen in the future

-Create a memorable story: the jury will always remember the exhibit that pieced your client’s story together

Call For Litigation Animation Today!

Our team will provide the highest quality legal animation necessary to win your case. We are committed to telling your client’s story in the most compelling way possible. Our litigation animations will demonstrate this. Call or visit our Redondo Beach, CA office for more information today. We will be more than happy to assist you and answer any initial questions. Contact Courtroom Animation today!

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