Collision & Personal Injury Animation

Personal Collision and Injury AnimationAt Courtroom Animation, we create realistic, scientifically accurate animations for those who have experienced collision or personal injury accidents. Our team will produce 3D accident animations, interactive exhibits, medical illustrations, and injury animations of anything you need to win your case. We are confident that our experts will produce exactly what you need. For collision and personal injury, Courtroom Animation will provide you with the necessary tools to win your case!

How Does It Work?

Our team of specialized experts will walk you through a series of steps to create the most accurate exhibit or animation. We use scientific analysis, 3D laser scanning, and site visits to create all types of accident animation or injury animation. Courtroom Animation will guide you through the following process:

-We will use the police reports and different images to create to-scale diagrams, if necessary, for the deposition, mediation and the trial

-Our team will provide all visual aids and interactive exhibits for your expert to further develop and demonstrate the evidence that you need

-If any personal injuries have occurred, we will develop medical illustrations and surgery animations to explain exactly what happened and the severity of the injury

-Prior to trial, we will also develop any animations that will fully showcase your client’s experience to the jury, whether that means the collision itself or the injury taking place

Our specialists are exactists. We will work with you and your client through every step to comb our way through each detail of your case and of the opposing counsel’s case. We will be able to see the flaws in their animations and exhibits.

Call For Collision & Personal Injury Animation Today!

Are you in a collision or personal injury court battle and need life-like demonstrations and animations? Call Courtroom Animation today for your accident and injury animations! Our highly skilled team of specialists will not let you down. With a 100% admittance rate in court, we are confident our animations and interactive exhibits will win your case. For all questions or concerns, please contact our team in Redondo Beach, California! We look forward to helping you win your case!

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