Courtroom Animation Creates Interactive Exhibit Of Apartment Where Graphic Novelist Commits Grisly Murder

Courtroom Animation specializes in scientifically accurate courtroom animations to be used as legal evidence and demonstrative exhibits. Not only can our team provide amazing visualizations, they have a 99% admittance rate into the courtroom. All attorneys and clients should feel confident knowing that Courtroom Animation will bring your story to life with fact-based animations and legal evidence. Their latest project includes the creation of an interactive apartment exhibit where a graphic novelist had committed a grisly and violent murder! For more information about obtaining your own interactive animations and exhibits, call Courtroom Animation today!

The Creation Of An Interactive Map

The team of professionals created an interactive apartment exhibit where a murder had occurred by combining their forensic animation skills and interactive exhibit experience. Courtroom Animation blended the analysis of top expert witnesses, law enforcement officers, and testimonials to recreate the apartment layout with interactive entertainment technology. Then, they recreated the scene of the murder with forensic animation. Our team does this by using eyewitness accounts, images from the site, and law enforcement evidence. The end product was a complete interactive exhibit of the apartment, displaying each individual room, and recreating the events that took place in the murder by the graphic novelist. An exhibit like this can only be created by Courtroom Animations.

Why Is This Important?

This interactive exhibit  completely changed the jury’s perspective on the murder. The map of the apartment allows the jury to be in the scene of the crime. They can visualize the details of the apartment, comprehend the interaction between the graphic novelist and the deceased, and truly be a part of the crime scene. Without forensic animation and interactive exhibits, this would not be possible. This piece of evidence is second to none in a legal case.

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If you or your client is in need of interactive exhibits, forensic animations, or medical illustrations, please call Courtroom Animation in Redondo Beach, California today! The interactive apartment exhibit is just one small example of our team’s capability and experience. Feel free to call or visit our office for more information. Our team will be more than happy to discuss your case and what exhibits or animations you may need. Contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!