Courtroom Animations

We create reality

to help our clients win. We shape the most important aspects of your case into a narrative that will have the jury not only understand your case – but believe your case.

What We Do

3d animation

Using the same animation techniques that films like Spiderman and The Avengers use, we are able to transform complex issues and confusing expert data into hyper-realistic, edge-of-your-seat stories.

interactive exhibits

We blend the analysis of the nation’s top expert witnesses with the technology of today’s AAA interactive entertainment to create exhibits that can be manipulated in the courtroom.

Medical Illustration

Will the average juror understand the inner workings of the human brain as your neuro-surgeon expert witness testifies? Our world-class illustrations will ensure that the jury is moved by your experts.

competitive audits

We are masters at going through your opposing counsel’s expert animation with a fine-toothed comb – exposing every last flaw – giving you the tools to limit it to the greatest degree.

witness consulting

We are experienced and successful at testifying to the authenticity of our work. You can count on us to be highly competent, thorough, and professional in difficult deposition and trial settings.


Animation + Foundation = Success

Why We Have a 100% Admittance Rate

We know that a pretty animation doesn’t mean anything if it isn’t admitted into the courtroom. From day one we work with expert data and witness testimony to ensure animations are not only compelling, but accurate.

scientific analysis

We work closely with experts in creating line of sight studies, photo- and video- grammetry, time distance diagrams, and a host of other technical tools.

3d laser scanning

3D Laser Scanning assures that our content is scientifically accurate and consistent by recreating scenes and collisions with 100% accuracy.

site visits

Visiting the environment where an incident took place allows us to collect important and unique data, and to create effective exhibits from first-hand perspectives.

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