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Who we are

Courtroom Animation is a legal-services company located in Redondo Beach, California. Our core focus is creating scientifically-accurate 3D animations to be used as demonstrative exhibits or evidence during mediation and trial.

Our company was founded on the idea that seeing is believing. We saw attorneys pour months of hard work into cases, only to have jurors not understand the key points of an argument. We saw expert witnesses take the stand for hours – delivering thorough and detailed data while people struggled to focus and grasp the complex material.

why does this happen?

We are a visual-learning society. People learn and retain information up to 80% better when provided visual aids as opposed to lecture alone. We primarily receive new information via computer, television, and mobile devices.

Why should the courtroom be any different?

Our solution: 3D animations that are aesthetically appealing to jurors – and leave them understanding your key arguments.

We regularly work hand-in-hand with expert witnesses of all types to build the strong foundation our animations stand on. Whether its a surgeon, bio-mechanic, accident re-constructionist, or any other scientific consultant – we have the experience to turn their complex data into realistic 3D animations that any juror can understand.

Our stunning visuals have been credited with over $400 million dollars in favorable settlements and verdicts. We also pride ourselves in the fact that we have a 100% admission rate in court, and 95% success rate for cases we’ve worked on. We attribute these successes to both the strong, scientific foundation and industry-leading, realistic visuals of our animations.

Whether it’s personal injury, medical malpractice, patent infringement, premises or product liability, or any other area of the law – we have the tools and experience to create the visual exhibits that will help you win your case.

Brady Held – President

Brady has spent the past 7 years creating legal animations, first with forensic-engineering firm, Collision and Injury Dynamics, and now with his own firm, Courtroom Animation. He has worked on close to 400 legal animations for many of the top-rated attorneys and experts in the country, and has testified in both civil and criminal trials.

Brady began his career with some of the most well-respected video game studios in the Los Angeles area, including Electronic Arts and Activision. Outside of the office you can find him rock-climbing and golfing around the world.

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