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We help attorneys turn complex cases into visually compelling exhibits that are easy to understand. Our unique approach delivers the highest quality content for every individual client, assuring your message in court will resonate with viewers and deliver the impact your case deserves.

Our Services

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3D Animation

The most powerful tool an attorney or expert can use in showing how an incident took place in reality. Viewers easily understand what any given party did, or could have done, in any situation.


Scientific Analysis

We work closely with experts in creating line of sight studies, photo- and video- grammetry, time distance diagrams, and a host of other technical tools that aid in the success of your case.

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Expert Testimony

We are experienced and successful at testifying to the authenticity of our work. You can count on us to be highly competent, thorough, and professional in difficult deposition and trial settings.

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Graphical Analysis

Using existing content, such as surveillance video footage, our team can edit, restore, combine, or enhance any type of video content to help you deliver a comprehensive and complete analysis.

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3D Laser scanning

In order to assure our content is scientifically accurate and consistent, 3D Laser Scanning helps us document and recreate crime scenes, vehicle collisions, and other objects with 100% authenticity.

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Interactive Media

Immersive content creates an impactful impression through a streamlined delivery. These latest technologies deliver deeper levels of data and detail while maintaining an easy understanding.